NCR BNA/GBNA media cassette repairing

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NCR BNA/GBNA media cassette repairing

Непрочитанное сообщение jaleel1618 » 29 июн 2019, 22:25

BNA GBNA repairing.compressed.pdf
Hi dear friends,

I will share my small experience in repairing NCR BNA/GBNA media cassette here,

The main problems i was faced in the photosensors, and Flat in in the entrance of BNA2/3 cassettes.
In GBNA the Blue cover & Green handle is always getting broken easliy.

#. most of GBNA parts are available with ATM parts suppliers.
#. BNA 2/3 - not all parts availabe.

Dismantling BNA cassette is tricky if you know that it will be quiet risky.
GBNA dismantling you can start from the green handle, ribbit, on the blue cover and the roller shaft ....

refer to attached documents and feel free to contact me for any helps
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