Security Module Load File

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Security Module Load File

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Option 8 from the “System Application Main Menu” is “Self‐Service Configuration”. In the same menu, option 3 is “Set Device Configuration”.
When we choose “Encrypting PIN Pad Configuration” from the menu, three options pop up:
● Changing the device driver
● Displaying the version number
● Selecting the country version

When we click on the first option which is for “Changing the device driver”, we have to insert a disk containing “Security Module Load File” into the ATM’s Floppy Drive.
Does anyone have this file or the Image of the floppy disk containing this file?
In the Manual, this file is once referred to as device driver and once as Security Module Load File.
Is this driver the same thing that updates Firmware during the startup of the ATM and the Aptra or is it a file that has to be provided by the bank?
Is this file a specific file created by NCR with a specific Part Number or can any Financial Institute make it?
There is a similar file for IMCRW. Is there anyone who can explain to me what these files are and what they exactly do that Aptra cannot do during startup and share these files with me if they have them?
The EPP that I use is a SDC EPP installed on Personas 86.
The Manual’s explanation about selecting the country version is also very short.
What should be done to find DAPI files?
Can DAPI files be made or are they standard files as well which are produced and published by NCR itself?
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