Receipt Form Length

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Receipt Form Length

Непрочитанное сообщение ashoori » 14 апр 2019, 06:05

Can we shorten the Receipt Form Length below 24 lines in Non-GDI printers, including SDC printers of Personas series? As I can see in the manuals, there are, apparently, two 24 Lines and 49 (or 55) Lines modes. And Receipt Form Length can vary from 24 to 49 (or 55) lines, by setting the DIP Switches. But can we have a form length shorter than 24 lines? For example, all the data sent from the bank to the ATM is 15 lines. The bank wants to have a shorter receipt, and the receipt paper to be cut immediately after the data completion. But it does not actually work, and the receipt length is always constant (112 mm).
We have 23 and 40 mm white space on the paper’s top and bottom margins, respectively, which cannot be removed. The total bank’s receipt length is 48 mm, but in practice, the device’s receipt length is 112 mm.

Can we benefit from an approach to remove or reduce the receipt paper’s top and bottom white margins? Are these constraints mechanical that does not allow the receipt length to be shorter than 112 mm?
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Re: Receipt Form Length

Непрочитанное сообщение Dan » 15 апр 2019, 16:08

Top Margin of Receipts 5
The receipt top margin can be configured through reserved screen
K01 for raw data printing or, for forms‐based printers, the following
registry entry:
Print Data\Form Alignment
In addition, the receipt top margin can be configured through
Supervisor (option 92, RECEIPT TOP MARGIN on the Configure
menu) and the values are stored in the following registry entries:
 Raw data printing (personas printers)

 Forms‐based printing (USB printers on SelfServ SSTs)
By default, the registry value for each is NULL (undefined). Valid
values are 0 to 24 and NULL. If a valid value is entered in Supervisor,
the registry entries are updated with the new value.
The receipt top margin can also be configured remotely through the
ReceiptTopMargin entry in UniversalPrinters.reg and
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