Wincor Procash 1500ex - how to make demo versions

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Wincor Procash 1500ex - how to make demo versions

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I am writing to you with a request for help. I got a Wincor Procash 1500ex fl ATM for educational purposes. The ATM currently shows very strange symptoms - windows are switched on and the Wincor program is loading for about 5 minutes, the message is displayed, call the service and the ATM reboots. and this situation repeats itself each time. I will mark that the ATM has previously been loaded to the screen with information that it is closed and SOP was enabled. Now you can only stop applications from windows and then the ATM does not reboot. when the application is attached, the whole situation repeats itself.

Generally, I wanted to use the ATM for my own use for educational purposes and I wanted to run it in some way and ask my colleagues if you could somehow run a simple server or run a demo version on the ATM to make it work offline and act like a real ATM

Question to colleagues can anyone help or indicate a guide to install the system from scratch and possibly tell you how to do the demo version?

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